Grocery Services

If you want to experience the convenience of a stocked refrigerator upon arrival, this can easily be arranged through our grocery shopping service.

From the Tweel supermarket Jan Thiel!
The Van den Tweel supermarket on Curaçao is located near Jan Thiel Beach, on the ground floor of the Papagayo Beach Hotel. The supermarket serves an area with approximately 5,000 inhabitants and approximately 2,500 tourist beds. The supermarket of no less than 1,000 m² offers a complete assortment of both A-brands, local products, but also Albert Heijn-items. There are extensive versafdelingen, including a very spacious vegetable and fruit square and the counter is a palthe stomerij-dry cleaning service.

Opening hours: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday & Sunday 8.00 – 21.00 PM

Delivery date ()

€ 45,00 (excl. 9% O.B)

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